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Dr Jack & Curtis

DR JACK & CURTIS is a partnership between two cartoonists - "DR" JACK SWANEPOEL and JOHN CURTIS - who have pooled their talents so that each can specialise in his…>

'20140402_Dr Jack and Curtis':
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© Dr Jack & Curtis | Apr 02, 2014 | Eyewitness News

20140402_Dr Jack and Curtis

EWN declined to publish this cartoon in its original form, despite the cartoonists' assertions that they had already toned it down, and that they felt that the hard hitting insults in the version they had submitted (see below) was indicative of how many tax payers feel, and (according to the authors) not without merit.

But the news service felt that the personal insult and implied profanity* was over the top, and needn't be spelled out. The cartoonists respectfully disagreed, saying that publishing such an insult would not only reflect taxpayers' sentiments on the matter, but it would also celebrate the fact that we still have the freedom to express these sentiments in such a strong manner. They did however accept their employer's right to make the ultimate call to censor the cartoon, which was published as shown above. Africartoons publishes both versions here for you to decide.

*[a careful inspection of the profanity symbols spells out the intended word for a mature audience to decipher. In the cartoonists' original draft the word was a stronger one].

Uncensored Version