Nanda Soobben writes:

This is a cartoon I did during Apartheid. Has anything changed?

[see Nanda's post apartheid revival of this cartoon here]

Nanda Soobben

Nanda Soobben

Nanda Soobben began his career at 'Post' (Natal) in 1980 and became the first black South African cartoonist to be employed by a mainstream paper when the 'Daily News' took…>

'The Press under Apartheid':
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© Nanda Soobben | Jan 01, 1988

The Press under Apartheid

THE PRESS UNDER APARTHEID: The South African media was heavily suppressed beneath the iron fist of PW Botha's Apartheid regime and the emergency regulations during 1988. NANDA SOOBBEN, the only editorial cartoonist of colour working for a mainstream newspaper at the time, notes the restrictions and dangers facing the press then.

[cartoon undated, publication unknown].