Gavin Thomson writes:

Nice to draw a simple one for a change : )
Some background:
“At nine minutes past nine on Thursday 9 September, people are encouraged to make a noise by ringing bells, stamping feet and jingling keys, among many other ways, as part of the international call for each time zone across the world to make a noise to focus attention on the fact that any alcohol drunk by a pregnant woman during pregnancy will affect her unborn baby.”

Gavin Thomson

Gavin Thomson

Born on January 9th, 1968, and raised in Cape Town, Gavin matriculated at Rondebosch in the eighties. During the nineties he worked in London for studios such as Disney and…>

'Grapes of Wrath ':
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© Gavin Thomson | Sep 07, 2010 | People’s Post

Grapes of Wrath

A SOBERING MESSAGE from GAVIN THOMSON in the Western Cape, where the curse of Foetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder is said to have the highest prevalence in the world.