The Spur story has, bizarrely, not died. Basically, a father shouted at a mother following something that happened between their respective kids. Naturally, it became a racial thing (and a gender thing) and the media quickly took the side of the (black) woman after the footage was distributed. 
But there is a snag. 
Spur refuse to release the full video clip which shows what happened before the incident in question. And based on eyewitness accounts, it matters. Spur's reason is that they don't want the identities of the kids revealed. Which is a poor excuse because any basic video editing software can easily blur or pixilate faces within seconds.
Long story short, Spur and various media pundits are now blaming Afrikaans people (yes, really) for their lousy financials, after a Facebook group with a handful of members called for a boycott. 
Everybody knows the truth, however.

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© the artist | May 27, 2017