Miles writes:

Maybe it was unfair to portray Gill Marcus in this cartoon, but she is the figurehead and she signs the bills. (The bucks start with her, as they say).




Cuan MILES has been drawing for as long as he remembers. Trained as a graphic designer, his first job was as a layout assistant at Perskor in Johannesburg, where he…>

'Recall Money?':
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© Miles | Dec 07, 2010 | Daily Dispatch

Recall Money?

NOTE THE MISTAKE: A flood of South African currency has been released into the economy stamped with both the incumbent Governor of the Reserve Bank and her predecessors' names, and without some of the security elements that should be printed on them. SA Bank Note Company managing director Musa Mbhele has been suspended and charged with failing to maintain quality printing standards. MILES' cartoon places Governor Gill Markus in the centre of the drama. After all, the buck stops with her.
The SA Reserve Bank has attempted to suppress the story for fear that it will frighten the markets.