Zapiro writes:

"Ninety-two year old Nelson Mandela spends two days in hospital due to a collapsed lung. A week of health scares and secrecy about Nelson Mandela leads to concerns all around the world and also in South Africa. Mandela's comment in Zapiro's cartoon refers to a Twitter hoax."- Richard Hainebach,



Born in Cape Town in 1958, Zapiro couldn’t imagine a career in cartooning, so he studied architecture at University of Cape Town.

Couldn’t imagine a career in architecture, so…>

'Exagerated Tweets':
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© Zapiro | Jan 30, 2011 | Sunday Times

Exagerated Tweets

"TWEETS OF MY DEATH have been greatly exaggerated", says ZAPIRO's modernised, upbeat version of Mark Twain's famous quip. The author (Twain) wrote such a situation into his best known book where he had Tom Swayer actually attend his own funeral - much to the dismay of the gathered mourners!