Niël van Vuuren writes:

"Things have been good in the bedroom since Gys began watching the news. He's much better informed"
The inset reads: "Naked newsreaders to stay".

Niël van Vuuren

Niël van Vuuren

Niël van Vuuren is a South African, cartoon, comic strip and contemporary artist.

Born in Namibia in 1968 into a family of artists, Niël is self-taught. From an early age…>

'Naked News on eTV':
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© Niël van Vuuren | May 13, 2011 | Beeld

Naked News on eTV

REVEALING NEWS: Despite widespread protest from right wing lobby groups, eTV's controversial news feature in which the presenters take off their clothes is to stay. NIEL van VUUREN explains here that some positive consequences might result in viewers' bedrooms.
[the cartoon is translated in the column to its left].