Nanda Soobben writes:

This cartoon was sent to me by Steve Fataar's sister Zane. She kept it for 30 years !! It captures a painful part of our history..the IMMORALITY ACT !! Steve was charged under the act for marrying a "white" girl !... and I used the title of the Flames no1 song and some of the words from that song as a caption for this cartoon... I added SEGREGATION, HUMILIATION and INDIGNATION !! I tried to fix this cartoon because it was so old..hope it works !!

Nanda Soobben

Nanda Soobben

Nanda Soobben began his career at 'Post' (Natal) in 1980 and became the first black South African cartoonist to be employed by a mainstream paper when the 'Daily News' took…>

'An Act of Immorality':
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© Nanda Soobben | Jun 30, 1981 | Daily News

An Act of Immorality

AN IMMORAL ACT: One of the pillars of Apartheid was a law euphemistically (and ironically) called the Immorality Act, which prohibited interracial relationships. This classic cartoon by NANDA SOOBBEN depicts Steve Fataar, who defied the law by marrying a white woman in 1981. Stecve was a member of the South African band, The Flames, whose hit song, 'For Your Love' is referenced by its lyrics in the cartoon's title and caption.The cartoon's exact date of publication is unknown.

THE SONG: No official statistics are available, but according to some sources 'For Your Love' reached No 1 in 1968.
THE FLAMES were formed in 1965 in Durban, South Africa. After they broke up in 1972, two members, Blondie Chaplin and Ricky Fataar, became members of The Beach Boys until the end of 1973. [Please see the Sidelines column for additional notes by the cartoonist]