Born in Cape Town in 1958, Zapiro couldn’t imagine a career in cartooning, so he studied architecture at University of Cape Town.

Couldn’t imagine a career in architecture, so…>

'The Pope washes his hands of Priests' Abuse':
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© Zapiro | Apr 01, 2010 | The Times

The Pope washes his hands of Priests' Abuse

In what has become almost an annual Easter tradition for Zapiro, this cartoon is controversially set in a crucifixion scene. This time, it is the hapless victims of child abuse who are fixed to their crosses, while the Pope washes his hands of their trouble. In the background their abusers - Catholic priests - skulk off.

At last year's crucifixion, Zapiro showed the much abused Lady Justice nailed to the cross at the behest of Mbeki AND Zuma supporters. Justice "Pontius" Mpshe (ably assisted by Willie Hofmeyr) washes his hands of Zuma's corruption charges with water generously supplied by Zuma's personal showerhead!