"Dr DF Malan (22 May 1874 – 7 February 1959), was the Prime Minister of South Africa from 1948 to 1954. He is seen as a champion of Afrikaner nationalism. His National Party government came to power on the program of Apartheid and began its comprehensive implementation.Dr Malan is not related to Jacob Zuma, the current Prime Minister of South Africa, who was supposedly depicted in this painting."

'DF Malan en Die Spies':
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© the artist | May 28, 2012

DF Malan en Die Spies

LEWD CARTOONIST MYKE ASHLEY-COOPER puts an - *ahem!* - Spear in the Works by suggesting that all the fuss about the compromised dignity of the current President of the Republic is missplaced, and the result of a severe case of mistaken identity. The true identity of the person being parodied in Brett Murray's now famous piece is obviously former Prime Minister of the Republic and pioneer of apartheid DF Malan, contends Ashley -Cooper in the sidelines column above, and he provides the photographic evidence to prove it... thankfully just enough to prove a facial likeness.