Born in Cape Town in 1958, Zapiro couldn’t imagine a career in cartooning, so he studied architecture at University of Cape Town.

Couldn’t imagine a career in architecture, so…>

'Zapiro Teaser':
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© Zapiro | May 27, 2010 | Mail & Guardian

Zapiro Teaser

THIS CARTOON PANEL was released by the Mail & Guardian as a teaser the night before publishing Zapiro's much anticipated sequel to his Muhammad cartoon, in which he has said he will comment on the controversy surrounding the previous week's cartoon.

In this version the cartoonist has replaced the prophet with himself on the psychiatrist’s couch. “Tough week?” asks the psychiatrist. "You have NO idea!” responds Zapiro in the first panel of the multi panel cartoon to come. The teaser suggests that we can expect an outpouring of the cartoonist's experiences this past week, and perhaps some revelations about lessons learned.

You can read more about this teaser here. And a Mail & Guardian report on the original cartoon here. The full cartoon is now viewable on here, and can also also be seen on Zapiro's website here.