DAVID ANDERSON (ANDY) began his cartooning career at 'The Natal Witness' in the 1970's and drew for 'The Pretoria News', 'The Rand Daily Mail', 'The Star' and 'The Sunday Times'…>

'Tutu's Crook ':
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© Andy | May 23, 2010 | Sunday Times

Tutu's Crook

DAVE ANDERSON'S brilliant caricatures and cartoons have illustrated editorials for the Sunday Times since forever. In this one, he features Desmond Tutu, herding in reluctant followers with his crook.

The cartoon also features a tribute to fellow cartoonist, Weyni Deysel, who took his life earlier this month. The tiny worm next to Andy's signature had become Weyni's trademark after he had adopted it from Len Lindeque. A number of fellow cartoonists have taken up Africartoon's invitation to pay their respects to Weyni in this manner.