Zuma's Road to Victory (Inzima le ndlela)

Qap's Mngadi (Umsinsi Press, 2010)

Mqapheli Mngadi, known as QAP'S MNGADI is the only cartoonist to produce editorial cartoons primarily in isiZulu. He began drawing for Umafrika newspaper before joining Isolezwe in 2003, and has been with that paper ever since. Qap's also draws English cartoons for the Echo Witness newspaper. This is his first published collection of editorial cartoons, spanning the years 2005 through 2009, and covering the rise of Jacob Zuma and his eventual taking office as the 4th democratic President of South Africa. English subtitles guide the reader effortlessly throughout the narration.

The blurb on the back cover of the book carries quotes from two respected commentators:

Fellow cartoonist and mentor, NANDA SOOBBEN says: "I was the only 'Black' published political cartoonist during apartheid and I was very proud of that! I am also proud of Qap's Mngadi, as one of the first emerging 'Black' African cartoonists in post-apartheid South Africa and I am very honoured to have mentored him while he studied at the Centre for Fine Art Animation and Designing'.

Author of 'Potato Dance', BONGA ZONDO says: "Zuma's Road to Victory is about a human's incredible perseverance. Each page cries out to be seen; it has its own distinct taste, but more importantly it blends in easily to another creating a jewel of an African cartoon book".

The A5 book is 104 pages thick, with 102 black and white cartoons - one on each page - bound between two full coloured glossy soft covers. The book sells for R100, and a limited amount of signed copies are available from on request (please add R20 for postage and packaging for standard post office postage to destinations in South Africa). Place your orders here and we'll send you our banking details. Your payment confirms the order and the book will be dispatched to you on receipt of payment.

Reviews & Quotes

Reviewed by John Curtis,

QAP'S (Mqapheli) MNGADI is the only cartoonist in South Africa whose work is published regularly in an indigenous African language - unless one describes Afrikaans as such a language. This fact alone makes Qap's collection of just over 100 cartoons (in both English and isiZulu) a very important work. Also characteristic of  this collection and which makes it an important work, is the subject on which it is focussed: Jacob Zuma and his incredible rise to power. That the cartoons are mostly sympathetic towards Msholozi is another unique feature of the book, as other collections which include cartoons on the subject tend towards an opposing bias.

..."Hopefully this book will serve as inspiration for other cartoonists to draw in the vernacular, so that they may further increase the diversity of editorial cartooning in South Africa".

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