Fred Mouton writes:

The newspaper reports that Moeletsi Mbeki has suggested that Afrikaner farmers and the trade union federation Cosatu should work together.
Here, a trade unionist explains to a boer: "Comrade uncle, the strike dance is similar to the riel dance. First you lift this leg, then the other..."

Fred Mouton

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'Teaching a Boer to Toyi Toyi':
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© Fred Mouton | Feb 04, 2012 | Die Burger

Teaching a Boer to Toyi Toyi

COME TOGETHER, RIGHT NOW... Moeletsi Mbeki has called for Boers and Unionists to unite. FRED MOUTON offers some instruction on the Toyi Toyi. [see the cartoon's translation in the Sidelines column].

As a public service, we've posted a link to further instructions by video HERE.