Don't Joke! The Year In Cartoons

Edited by Andy Mason & John Curtis

Don't Joke! Book CoverSouth Africa's cartooning maestros join forces with the new post-apartheid generation to tell the story of the most event-filled year since 1994. Hard-hitting and hilarious, Don't Joke! brings it all back in a rush of satires, parodies, caricatures and flights of fancy that'll rearrange your head.

Living proof that South African cartooning has come of age. Don't Joke! is a joint venture between Africartoons and CCIBA , featuring almost 400 cartoons by 28 of South Africa's best cartoonists...

Andy, Brandan, Chip, Dr Jack, F Esterhuyse, Findlay, Fred Mouton, Grogan, Jerm, Mark Wiggett, Mangena, Mghobozi, Miles, Mothowwagae, Mynderd Vosloo, Nanda Soobben, Qaps, Siwela, Stent, Stidy, Weyni Deysel, Yalo, and Zapiro. Strips featured: Madam & Eve (by S Francis and Rico), Mama Taxi (Gavin Thomson and Deni Brown), Trek Net (Gavin Thomson and Dave Gomersal).

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Reviews & Quotes

"The perfect stocking filler,... (Don’t Joke!) is a delectable way of looking back over the year” - Margaret von Klemperer, The Witness

"Awesome!" - Brandon Reynolds, Business Day cartoonist.

"Jokes aside, this book rocks!" - Katja Hamilton, Ground Zero blog.

"Don’t Joke!...removes the popular belief that there is only one political cartoonist in South Africa," - Jeremy Nell (aka Jerm), The Times, cartoonist.

"The launch of Don’t Joke: The Year in Cartoons at the Book Lounge...was packed out" - Jacana @ Book Southern Africa.

"Don't Joke! records...the transitional moments that shaped...2009 (and) represents a transitional moment in the history of South African cartooning itself" - Robbie Stammers, Leadership magazine.

"Well done on the selection of the cartoons and the publication. It is a great summary of the fumblings and eccentricities of our rather odd society" - Tony Grogan, cartoonist, Cape Times.

"It's a resource book that will have school teachers salivating and, at the same time, a treasure trove for fans of cartoons" - Kevin Richie, The Star.

"At long last! An historic collection of editorial cartoons featuring almost all of South Africa’s top contemporary cartoonists... When viewing the sharp wit of today’s guardians of democracy, one cannot but sense the approval of those (cartoonists) who have been before" - Francois Verster, Bolander.

"A Great Work" - Nanda Soobben, Cartoonist, Daily News

"Wonderful Job! Kongratulasies!" - Fred Mouton, Cartoonist, Die Burger

"Biting wit and clever drawings... the cartoons range from amusing to the hilarious, the ironic to the vicious or the breathtakingly simple!... through it runs the passion that these graphic artists feel (for) the country." "This is a very important publication - not (only) for its entertainment value but also from an educational (perspective)". "It stands out as a beacon of free speech" - Caroline Smart, , 3 September 2010.

"Great Book" - Rico, co-creator, Madam & Eve.

"Absolutely brilliant. A must have for all who love and hate politics" - Dave Gomersall, co-creator, TrekNet