News: February 2011

'What's So Funny?' - SA History can be Hysterical!

ANDY MASON on the past and future of the artND MAZIN is South Africa's pre-eminent underground cartoonist who has meticulously recorded a view of pre-liberation and post-apartheid South Africa from the fringe, embracing subcultures and counter-cultures not often observed by the mainstream. His views of South Africa's complex socio-political landscape are drawn not from the public gallery of parliament, but rather from the backline of Muizenberg's surf, which brings a fresh, accessible perspective to his commentary.But, more importantly, ND MAZIN is the alter-ego of ANDY MASON, South Africa's pre-eminent historian of South African comic art.

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From Humble Beginnings to Dr Cartoonist

NANDA SOOBBEN acknowledged for his contribution

NANDA SOOBBEN has come a long way since scrawling sketches on the wall of his childhood home with charcoal.

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Joe Daly interview by Sean O'Toole

Joe Daly is arguably South Africa's finest graphic novelist. His work has been recognised by a leading American publisher of the genre and, more recently, honoured with the jury prize at one of the world's largest comic-book festivals. But he is hardly known in his own country. This is partly due to the fact that Joe is reclusive, and so this interview by Sean O'Toole for is a rare treat. In it Joe discusses the hardships of his trade, his latest work, what inspires him - and why he doesn't like to give interviews.

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