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Peter de Villiers Sings

Posted on Apr 18, 2011 by Africartoons

The judge, the president and the cartoonist

BY ZACKIE ACHMAT (for Writing Rights)

Justice Albie Sachs has struck a violent blow at freedom of expression. In a speech in Durban at “The Time of the Writer Festival”, Justice Sachs (a retired Constitutional Court justice) spoke of one of the most important legal matters before our Courts: the case of President Jacob Zuma against cartoonist Jonathan Zapiro. This speech should be studied by those who value democracy and justice.

Posted on Apr 11, 2011 by Africartoons

“The dogs bark and bite, even in cartoons" - Justice Albie Sachs on Free Speech and Dignity

Anti apartheid stalwart and former Constitutional Court Judge Albie Sachs has sparked strong opposition to his recent call in Durban (and reiterated last Thursday in Cape Town) for restraint from writers and cartoonists, and his singling out of Zapiro's 'Rape of Justice' cartoon as an instance where restraint could rather have been employed.

Zapiro is currently being sued by President Zuma for depicting him preparing to rape Lady Justice. The cartoonist has strongly defended his “right to be rude and to take on the most powerful people”.

Here we republish Justice Sach's speech in full...

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Thierry Cassuto and Zapiro, the producers of ZANEWS are hoping that an appeal to the public for donations will ensure the resurrection of their latex puppets and the launch of the fourth season of the popular satire. A target of US$150 000 has been set by an innovative crowdfunding initiative in which supporters can buy privileges such as facetime with the puppets and their masters, Zapiro signed prints of the character design sketches, Desmond Tutu's voice (as a ringtone) summonsing you to answer, or Nelson Mandela's voice calling you to thank you for your contribution. Big spenders can purchase a Co-Executive Producer title on the show and a unique hand-painted Trophy Head of their favourite ZANEWS politician, while a mere $20 buys a "Bloody Agent" card to certify one's counter-revolutionary status. For the Guptas, there are political puppets to be bought and fill your pockets with. And yes, Kenny, for the right donation you'd be allowed to snort sushi off the latexed face of Helen Zille, if that's what you'd like to do.

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