Memes vs Cartoons


An interesting blog post has suggested that the unrivalled dominance that editorial cartoons have long enjoyed in the field of graphical expression, commentary and satire now faces a threat which dwarfs the challenges of dwindling newspaper sales and accusations of plagiarism (and so called "self plagiarism") that are troubling the sector - particularly in the United Sates.

The advent of memes, and particularly the kind that live and thrive on the internet, are competing with cartoons in the digital arena for that ever decreasing space; the reader's attention span.

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The Funny Business of Cartooning

Laughter might be the best medicine, but when it’s at the expense of the powerful, it becomes a political tool, writes Joanna Wright in the January edition of The Media Magazine .

She notes that cartoonists make us laugh, make us think – and make politicians mad, and she invites some of South Africa’s leading cartoonists to explain just why this is so.

Read HERE to see what Dov Fedler (pictured above), Stidy, Jerm, Yalo, Rico, Len Sack and Andy Mason have to say about their trade. 

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Sloppy Cartoonist As Sharp As Ever

People old enough to remember the 1980s underground comic strip 'Sloppy' - which appeared in the alternative publication Learn and Teach - or 'Selatsa', a strip featured in the Bloemfontein newspaper The Friend, might have wondered what has happened to gonzo cartoonist Mogorosi Motshumi since those creations of his.

They'll be pleased to know that this struggling artist is back at the drawing board, teaching himself new tricks and employing them in his latest project; an autobiographical epic which he expects to complete next year. In it, he narrates his struggle under apartheid and since, including his challenges with substance abuse and Aids.THE CAPE TIMES' Janet Heard discovered him in Cape Town recently and extracted a rare interview with this leading apartheid era cartoonist, who is clearly not done yet.  

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This page explains how you can regulate notifications of cartoons to suit your interests. And we've made it easy for everyone to subscribe to our cartoons; from mild enthusiasts to wild fanatics... and anyone in between.

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TWENTY YEARS ago South Africa's favourite comic strip made its first appearance in the Weekly Mail. Its purpose was to record the absurdities of a community huddled together on the Southern tip of Africa as it grappled with the most dramatic social change it had ever known.

Apartheid was being dismantled around it, and the community's members faced new hope and new challenges. Enter Madam and Eve, a conscientious middle class woman and her wily maid servant; as good a representation of the country's 40 million populace as you'll ever get to fit within the confines of a comic strip frame.

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M&G's Top 10 ZAPIRO's

TEN MOST POPULAR CARTOONS FROM 2012THE MAIL & GUARDIAN has published its annual list of the ten most popular ZAPIRO cartoons of 2012.  It's not an authoritative account of his best cartoons of the year by any measure; the fact that 70% are concentrated within a two month per iod suggests it is more indicative of online reader habits than anything else. Even Zapiro remarks that he finds some of the inclusions surprising. But it's a good collection nonetheless, made all the more interesting by Zapiro's comments (in the Sidelines column next to each cartoon).


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Africa Rates High in World Corruption Rankings

BOTSWANA AFRICA'S BEST PLACED, SOMALIA WORST IN WORLD.Africa maintained its reputation for corruption in the latest World Corruption Rankings released by Transparency International recently. No African country made it amongst the twenty least corrupt in the world, while Somalia has the dubious honour of being the world's most corrupt. The majority of African countries can be found towards the dishonourable end of the index, ensuring lots of material for editorial cartoonists across the continent. [Read further for a full list of African rankings]

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Zuma's Had His Chips

BUT THE SABC DOESN'T THINK YOU SHOULD KNOW ABOUT ITAn animated advert for The Fish & Chips Company by the very talented Mdu Ntuli has been pulled by the national broadcaster apparently because it is deemed to degrade the president. The advert features the presidential family sitting down to enjoy a meal of fish and chips, so cheap that even finance minister Pravin Gordhan "would approve this". The advert's withdrawal is the latest episode in the SABC's censoring any ridicule of President Zuma in the run up to his (as yet uncontested) re-election bid at the ruling party's caucus in Mangaung in December. Previously, any derogatory terms such as "Zumaville" or "President Zuma's £*ç*!ng R248m Nkandla Heist" were censored from the broadcaster's TV and radio stations. Announcers and commentators were urged to use the preferred term "President Zuma's Nkandla Residence" instead. Read more about the advert here, or watch it here...[NOTE: the fllowing clip has been updated since the previous one was mysteriously removed from YouTube]...

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JERM joins EWN


JERM, the political cartoonist who was famously fired last month from his government aligned newspaper "for being too political", has bounced back, landing himself a position as editorial cartoonist for Eyewitness News (EWN). His cartoons will appear twice weekly on the news service's website, making it the first news site in South Africa to feature original content by an editorial cartoonist, and breaking new ground for JERM, a pioneer of digital cartooning in South Africa. The deal will also bring editorial cartoons into the radio space, providing EWN's radio partners such as 702 and Cape Talk a rallying point around which issues of the day could be discussed.

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RUFUS* [1927 - 2012]RUFUS* Papenfus, who signed his work with a trademark asterisk after his first name, has died at the age of 86. A much loved cartoonist, journalist and radio commentator, Rufus was a sports and music enthusiast and an entertainer at heart, remembers Fred Mouton, who sometimes shared cartooning work with him when he was overloaded.

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