EWN's Jerm infestation to increase by 50%

JERM celebrates the news that Eye Witness News has asked JERM to increase his output for their website from two cartoons per week to three.

Not only will this bring us an additional four JERM cartoons each month, but the fact that another weekly slot has been created for editorial cartoons (when the global trend is a contraction of slots) is good news for all local cartoonists.

Writing for his blog, JERM apologised for the 50% increase. "Unfortunately, my EWN cartoons have been so well received around the country that, unfortunately, you are going to be seeing more of them.

Currently I draw two cartoons, per week, for EWN.

From this week onward I will be drawing three cartoons, per week, for EWN. And, unless things change, they will be published on a Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday.

It’s very unfortunate. I’m sorry".

JERM was recently interviewed by Cartoon Movement.

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