PLEASE sign our petition for free speech for SA cartoonists

Last month issued a statement - signed by 29 of the leading editorial cartoonists in South Africa - which called for an end to threats against media freedom in South Africa.

In so doing, we joined thousands of voices who have made similar calls since the ANC placed the "Protection of Information Bill" and "Media Tribunal" back on the table. Many readers added their support to our call by adding their comments to our web and facebook posts and by re-tweeting the announcement. And many more requested an integrated forum where they could demonstrate their support and solidarity...

And so we have expanded the original statement into the "DON'T BURST OUR SPEECH BUBBLE!" campaign, lead by the original 29 signatories and which we now invite you to sign and , (if you care to) distribute via your own facebook / twitter / website or email channels.

Let it never be said that when our democratic freedoms met their greatest challenge since apartheid, you failed to act - even by the simplest of measures such as voicing your objection!



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