Tickled Pink


Roberto Millan

In a global recession of positions for editorial cartoonists, it's always welcome news when a new space is created for one. And even more so when that space provides a break for a promising talent who might otherwise have fallen by the wayside.

Independent Newspapers' Gay community rag has recently provided such a position for budding young cartoonist ROBERTO MILLAN; someone who has shown tremendous potential as a cartoonist and an illustrator.

Having been mentored by master cartoonist Andy Mason, Roberto's skills were given recognition in 2010 when he won an international award for a comic strip he had created. Now, as an editorial cartoonist, he is able to marry his graphical skills with his passion for gay rights and interests. 

There's a world of opportunity awaiting those emerging cartoonists who seek it, in niche publications such as the Pink Tongue. They offer a place where fledgling cartoonists can hone their skills, focussing on matters they are interested in - be they human rights, sports, cars, or business. And being weekly or monthly periodicals, these gigs come without the rigours of a daily deadline. Such opportunities must be encouraged as breeding grounds for the next generation of editorial cartoonists.

[read ROBERTO MILLAN's profile and see his inaugural cartoon HERE]. His next cartoon will be published shortly.


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