Madam & Eve's 1996 Annual Cover

TWENTY YEARS ago South Africa's favourite comic strip made its first appearance in the Weekly Mail.

Its purpose was to record the absurdities of a community huddled together on the Southern tip of Africa as it grappled with the most dramatic social change it had ever known.

Apartheid was being dismantled around it, and the community's members faced new hope and new challenges.

Enter Madam and Eve, a conscientious middle class woman and her wily maid servant; as good a representation of the country's 40 million populace as you'll ever get to fit within the confines of a comic strip frame.

Together they and a growing cast of characters would narrate the unfolding story of the fledgling democracy over the next two decades. And while some things have changed, many others haven't as this account in The Guardian attests. [If you're in Johannesburg and would like to attend the launch of Madam & Eve's commemorative 20 year Collection, read on]Madam & Eve's Book Launch

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