News: June 2012

WTF is the Second Transition?

CARTOONISTS WRACK THEIR BRAINSAs the ANC Policy Conference wraps up after so much of it's time was spent debating the Second Transition, most political commentators are still left asking; "WTF is it?". Cartoonists offer some suggestions on

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JERM Makes the M&G 200 Young SA'ns List

Every year since 2009, during Youth Month, 200 extraordinary young South Africans (under the age of 35) are recognised by a leading national newspaper for their achievements. Selected for the "vision, passion, integrity, talent and determination that (they contribute towards) making this country an even better place"; the Mail & Guardian’s 200 Young South Africans are gathered from every discipline and occupation. This year, our very own africartoonist, Jeremy Nell (who signs his work as ‘JERM’), was counted amongst them.JERM told us that after he had been nominated and interviewed, he received an invitation to the awards function in Johannesburg which he declined, because he didn’t think he stood a chance making the final 200. As it turned out, he was wrong - and he found out about the honour via twitter!

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Zapiro Honoured for Bravery

IPA CALLS ON ZUMA TO WITHDRAW LAWSUITJonathan Shapiro, the South African cartoonist who signs his work ‘Zapiro’ has been honoured again; this time by the International Publishers Association who last week presented him with the IPA Freedom to Publish Prize at their 29th Congress in Cape Town. Zapiro rates the award amongst the most prestigious that he’s received.

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Father's Day Cartoons

Because it's never too late to tell your dad you love him!Go ahead, share any of these great father's day cartoons with all the great dads that you know.

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Youth Day Cartoons

Youth Day [June 16th] invariably invites comparisons between the youth of today and that of 1976; when the nation's youth rose up against the injustices of apartheid. These cartoons not only demonstrate how today's youngsters measure up against the selfless spirit of '76, but also how their demands have yet to be met.

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Juju in the Ring

Julius Malema's Fight Record.Juju has featured in many boxing cartoons in which he has won some rounds, and lost others. Here's a blow by blow account, stretching back to 2010, by these great ringside commentators: AVI, BRANDAN, FRED MOUTON, DOV FEDLER, JERM, MANGENA, MARK WIGGETT, MILES, SIWELA, STIDY & YALO.

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C-c-c-c-cold C-c-c-cartoons

WINTER IS HERE...These wintery themed cartoons will bring you some cold comfort!

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Animated Outrage Over Shangaan Jesus

Just when the furore over 'The Spear' had all but died down, another controversy has emerged to test the line between freedom of expression and respect. The SA Human Rights Commission confirmed on Friday that it had received two complaints regarding an episode of the animated Izikhokho Show titled 'Jesus is a Shangaan' which was posted last month with an apology in advance to all Shangaan people. The cartoon appears to be calculated to offend - or at least challenge - conservative Christians, opening with Jesus' doctor revealing to him that he doesn't share God's DNA, and that he's in fact Shangaan. Depressed, Jesus tries to wash away his Shangaaness and, when this doesn't work, prepares to commit suicide.

Mdu Ntuli, the show's creator has defended his work, saying "I have made fun of a lot of South African people, but hardcore Christians seem to be the one(s) who get offended the most. Maybe I need to say these cartoons are fictional stories not a reality. Izikhokho Show has one principle: 'laugh and be laughed at'."

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It all began with a Rico statement, who was then followed by his peers in a protest against restrictions on Freedom of Expression. Zapiro has recently joined his corades with a bold declaration that the 'Pen is Mightier than the Spear'. And now the entire nation is being invited to join the Smear Campaign by the Mail & Guardian! Follow this link to create your own personally smeared avatar to use on facebook and this website (once you've registered).

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