News: September 2012

Brett Murray talks at Africartoons Exhibit of Spear cartoons

Fine artist and satirist Brett Murray, the painter of the controversial portrait of President Zuma titled The Spear, was a special guest of africartoons at the exhibition of Spear Cartoons we curated as part of the co/MIX Day at the Open Book Festival in Cape Town last weekend. Also at the event were africartoonists Brandan, Chip, Deni Brown, Gavin Thomson, Stent and Zapiro, whose work was on display at the exhibition and as part of africartoons' slide presentation of Julius Malema cartoons.

Posted on Sep 30, 2012 by Africartoons

And the Winner is... ZAPIRO


Despite the judges' observation that the general standard of editorial cartoons has improved over the years, Jonathan Shapiro (pen named ZAPIRO) has once again emerged as the winner of a national award acknowledging his class after his cartoon was adjudicated to be the best by judges of the Standard Bank Sikuvile Journalism Awards (editorial cartoons category). Zapiro has been the recipient of the award before, going back to its previous incarnation as part of the Mondi Shanduka Newspaper Awards.

Posted on Sep 17, 2012 by Africartoons

Grogan's Crack of Dawn

GROGAN'S 'CRACK OF DAWN' Cartoons appear nationwide every morning in the Independent Newspaper titles. Here are a some of his recent ones...

Posted on Sep 13, 2012 by Grogan

Pimp My Spear

HANGING OUT AT THE GALLERY: Another portrait of a naked President Zuma is causing a stir, following the drama created by Brett Murray's 'The Spear'. The latest version, by Ayanda Mabulu, chucks out the spear as inspiration for his work 'Umshini Wam (Weapon of Mass Destruction)' and replaces it with the president's weapon of choice; a machine gun. Predictably, cartoonists have responded enthusiastically to the development.

Posted on Sep 03, 2012 by Africartoons