News: December 2012


TWENTY YEARS ago South Africa's favourite comic strip made its first appearance in the Weekly Mail. Its purpose was to record the absurdities of a community huddled together on the Southern tip of Africa as it grappled with the most dramatic social change it had ever known.

Apartheid was being dismantled around it, and the community's members faced new hope and new challenges. Enter Madam and Eve, a conscientious middle class woman and her wily maid servant; as good a representation of the country's 40 million populace as you'll ever get to fit within the confines of a comic strip frame.

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M&G's Top 10 ZAPIRO's

TEN MOST POPULAR CARTOONS FROM 2012THE MAIL & GUARDIAN has published its annual list of the ten most popular ZAPIRO cartoons of 2012.  It's not an authoritative account of his best cartoons of the year by any measure; the fact that 70% are concentrated within a two month per iod suggests it is more indicative of online reader habits than anything else. Even Zapiro remarks that he finds some of the inclusions surprising. But it's a good collection nonetheless, made all the more interesting by Zapiro's comments (in the Sidelines column next to each cartoon).


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Africa Rates High in World Corruption Rankings

BOTSWANA AFRICA'S BEST PLACED, SOMALIA WORST IN WORLD.Africa maintained its reputation for corruption in the latest World Corruption Rankings released by Transparency International recently. No African country made it amongst the twenty least corrupt in the world, while Somalia has the dubious honour of being the world's most corrupt. The majority of African countries can be found towards the dishonourable end of the index, ensuring lots of material for editorial cartoonists across the continent. [Read further for a full list of African rankings]

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